Food safety management system and label printer

The Freshmarx food safety management system enables a truly connected kitchen as a comprehensive back-of-house, Data management and printing solution. 

Prepare and label food items to assist compliance with Natashas law and allergies labels legislation , watch training videos, view recipes and verify checklists – all from the same brilliant 10.1″ high-resolution display.  With its durable metal casework and variety of communication ports not available on most tablets,

A Food safety management system can be used in the most demanding kitchen environment to help foodservice providers:

  • Help ensure food safety and regulatory compliance
  • Increase labour efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Promote sustainability
  • Enhance consumer experience
Freshmarx Central System Food safety label printer

HACCP compliance simplified

Many kitchens are still using manual processes for food prep, task, tracking, and inventory control, which are slow and error-prone.
Automating these tasks improves HACCP compliance and leads to safer food and a better consumer experience.

Food safety labels

Improve compliance with food safety and quality standards.

Improve productivity with versatile label printing for freshness, nutrition, ingredient, grab and go and more :-

Automatic calculation of expiration dates.

Prints irregularly shaped labels / clear labels–Edge-to-edge word wrapping on circular labels.

Whitespace reduction–Label length determined by length of ingredient list.

Enhanced tear edge for clean tear.

Supports a full range of features – Date fields, Nutrition blocks, Barcodes, Graphics, Price Fields, Store logo, Store addresses, Ingredients lists, Allergens and more.

Increase efficiency with flexible intuitive button-based interface and ability to change data field information on the fly.

Up to 8000 product buttons –  Each and every button can have a unique label format template for complete flexibility.

Organize by categories and tabs to find items quickly.

Assign pictures to buttons to provide ease of use–Print up to four different label formats for the same product with one button push–Attach labels, videos, documents and timers to buttons – or attach up to three of these functions to a single button–Easily Search for food items: labels, videos, recipes, batches–Shows preview of the label image at time of print–”Favourites” set by user for quick access to frequently used buttons.

Increased efficiency with the ability to change data field information on the fly–Operator-prompted data entry at time of print for fields such as weight or temperature–Override default data at time of print for on-the-fly changes–Recreate Label remembers data from the last time a label was printed for food re-labeling.

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