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Original Kebab Kofta Attachment


Original Kebab Kofta Attachment turns any sausage filler machine into a Kofta kebab maker.

We are the original manufacturer of this attachment and as such is part of our catering equipment range of products

Kebab Kofta Attachment – You can buy it here

The attachment Simply attaches to the sausage filling machine, instead of the standard sausage nozzle, place a skewer in the device then adjust or reduce sausage filler speed/pressure to a minimum then release knee lever and hey presto… one skewer filled.

Fits the following sausage filling machines :- (WE CAN MAKE ANY ATTACHMENT FIT ANY MACHINE)

  • Mainca
  • Ramon
  • Talsa
  • Sheerline
  • Dadaux
  • Thompson
  • Hand machines

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