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Food packaging and packing

Food packaging and packing

SB Vacuum partner with VectaPack for the supply of Food packaging and packing products to businesses in the Isle of Wight, South of England and nationwide. You can visit the VectaPack online website ...

Surface testing Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight ATP Surface testing

Surface testing Isle of Wight How Clean is Your workspace? Home Office, Work Desk, Food prep area.... Your working space could well be a breeding ground for micro-organism contamination. Rapid ...

Vacuum packing machines

Vacuum packer

Vacuum packing machines from SB Vacuum Pack Solutions. We offer a variety of new and refurbished machinery and support all makes in respect of service, breakdown cover and spare parts. We offer ...

SB Vacuum Packing Solutions

SB Vacuum Pack Solutions

SB Vacuum Packing Solutions is a small, specialist company that has worked with packaging under vacuum or modified atmosphere in the food and pharmaceutical industries for over 25 years, ...

SB Vacuum pack solutions
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